Walmart Great Value Frozen Shepherd’s Pie Casserole! Is it any good? How does it taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!


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  1. Hey…you knew REAL shepherd's pie is NOT made with beef, but with ground lamb or mutton… details like that REALLY MEANS you are the REAL DEAL…you really DO know food…MUCH RESPECT sir!

  2. Larry I am Saddened today, I know you go to a great deal of effort "For Us The people". which is why I always thought you took the pictures of your local dollar tree and took pictures of family dollar, as well as your local Walmart. So you can see why I am sad now that, I have learned you are using stock photo's of these stores. I know this because the picture in this video is of a Walmart in Quebec Canada, that or you live in the only bi-lingual state in the union. But aside from that great vids Bro keep it up.

  3. Try Trader Joe's Shepherd's pie. It too is made with beef (though they acknowledge on the package that lamb is traditional), but with tender chunks of beef, not ground beef. And the mashed potato topping is creamy. Another entry into the race is Aldi's Shepherd's pie, a ground beef version with a somewhat more tomatoey gravy. I like both of these more than the Walmart version, with TJ's being my favorite. Of course, nothing beats the homemade pie.

    For variants on the potato-topped theme, Chef John has a Fisherman's Pie recipe that we liked a lot, and we recently made a BBQ pork version of shepherd's pie with a ranch and sour cream mashed potato topping.

  4. I make my own Shepherd's pie (cottage) and grind my own beef and use red wine. I don't think I would buy this item from the frozen food section.

    Great review

  5. TheWolfePit. I didn't know the difference about the Cottage Pie and Shepherd's Pie. I don't think I would like Shepherd's Pie after learning this. I'll be sticking with Cottage Pie. And I'm thankful to know the ground beef name for it. Thanks. As many have said Happy Thanksgiving 😉

  6. We have our own version over here in Canada, its basically ground beef, Whole kernel corn and mashed potatoes, it is delicious.

  7. Thank you for doing this for me, the person. I am gonna get me some next time I go to Walmart. I always like to try out what you so kindly do a video on. I'm thankful you do it so I know what to expect before I spend my money. And, have a great Thanksgiving, Larry!

  8. to make cottage pie it's basically BOLOGNESE sauce topped with mash potato and grated cheese ….the only difference is i use more tomato puree and more garlic in Bolognese

  9. Great review. This frozen quick dinner casserole dish looks like it can be improved by following the box instructions, and then adding shredded cheese and a couple of slices of margarine or butter on top and then sticking it back in the oven for 1 to 2 mins.
    And then once you let it cool a bit and as you're serving, dollop the portions with a bit of sour cream too.

  10. As another former brit posted, sweetcorn has no place in a shepherds or cottage pie. And again it's weird seeing this being labelled as a shepherds pie with beef! To us it's a ridiculous as calling a Chicken sandwich made with Turkey

  11. Loved the grits on top of the meat mixture. Being Irish, we would never serve that in our household.
    The time it took to heat that up, we'd have one made.
    Thanks for sharing .

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