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  1. Looks great! Love to see nutritional yeast in anything! The only thing to change is using egg if you want this funky free of animal products make you’re own dough with out eggs and use Aquafaba for the “egg” wash to coat the dough at the end. Works the same as an egg. Great recipe!

  2. I honastly can’t imagine anyone eating this and it tasting good to them… I know some people will but I literally despise 3/4 of the food in this

  3. Ever since I saw this video, I have been aching to make it. Now that I have, I am not disappointed! This is great. I didn’t have thyme or rosemary so I substituted it with Italian seasoning. I also didn’t have frozen corn so I used frozen mixed vegetables and it was amazing!

  4. I really appreciate this. I've wanted to see someone make a good vegetarian pot pie, so I could learn a thing or two. If I make something like this, I might put soy milk into the pie filling, since I usually use milk or cream in my meat pot pies for the fam.

  5. everyone is saying this is delicious but if Tasty added "vegan" to the title everyone would've hated it. btw, its vegan.

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