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Ready to give your tastebuds a treat? Try these smoky flavored Puerto Rican Beans! The flavor is good enough to just eat it by itself but you could also eat this over rice. Beans from one of my favorite companies Rancho Gordo was the inspiration for this crazy delicious recipe. If you are a thrill seeker, use fresh jalapeños instead of pickled ones!

Rancho Gordo Beans:

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  1. Veganism is great but hunger.. I am getting into feeding others too. 45 mill Americans, 13 mill kids are food insecure. Veganism, studies say, fights hunger. Encouraging everyone on channels to look into ways of taking part. ❤️

  2. Hi Jill,
    I love your cooking demos and I, too, been following Dr Joel Fuhrman long time. Guess what, I just went to Rancho Gordo beans in Napa yesterday ( my sons first day spring break here in Santa Rosa, Ca). Curious to know, what are your top 2 or 3 favorite beans from them?
    Please keep up your wonderful attitude and joy on these cooking episodes. You’re adorable and easy to do cooking I love to watch, then make.
    Ann Peters. Ps. I love North Carolina, too!

  3. Made this last night for my lunch the rest of the week. OMG!!!! This is now my new favorite. Easy to make and taste amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us all.

  4. Making it right now! This looks absolutely amazing. My whole kitchen smells so good as well. Will report back on the taste! 😀

    Edit: Hmm, it took a bit longer to boil the potatoes until they were tender (about 35 minutes) and I'm definitely gonna up the spices way more in the future. Great smell but a relatively mild taste!

  5. Made this yesterday. It's very flavorful and filling. I used a fresh serrano pepper just because I prefer it over jalapeno and added fresh cilantro after cooking. Great recipe. Thanks again.

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