This vegan ginger beef recipe uses tender homemade beefy beefless seitan, coated in a crispy fried batter, and dressed with sweet ginger beef sauce. It’s super delicious and just as good, or better than Chinese take-out ginger beef (AKA ginger fried beef or deep fried shredded beef in chili sauce).

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Ginger beef is a Chinese Canadian invention. According to Wikipedia, it was developed for the local palate in the 1970’s by chef George Wong at the Silver Inn in Calgary, Alberta. It’s made from strips of beef, battered in a mixture of egg and cornstarch and deep fried before being covered in a very sweet and somewhat tangy sauce. It’s on practically every Chinese take-out menu here in Calgary, even the vegetarian Chinese restaurant menus. By popular request, I developed this vegan ginger beef recipe for anyone and everyone who craves the taste and crunch of ginger beef without the meat and eggs.


Vegan Ginger Beef Printable Recipe + Blog Post:

Beefy Beefless Seitan (video):

A NOTE ABOUT SUGAR (vegan vs non-vegan sugar):



My recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng









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  1. Very cool. Thanks for this. Any reason not to add the fried seitan to the sauce just before serving to heat the seitan a bit, rather than adding the sauce to the cooling seitan?

  2. vegan egg from Follow Your Heart might help you to make a gluten free version, however it's pretty pricey

  3. I have never tried ginger beef before, but it looks and sounds delicious.  I will definitely try this recipe very soon. Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. I'm going to try this with soy curls. I have to get cooking oil first, though. I love ginger so this really makes my mouth water. Thanks for another great recipe.

  5. Hi again!!! I made this and oh my gosh!!! It is Sooo good. I let my meat eaters taste it and they says it tastes really good. Thank you for yet another great recipe!

  6. I made this with tofu and…….wow….I owe you my life‼️‼️‼️ thank you for ALWAYS delivering amazing recipes ❤️

  7. Please come to my house and cook for me, you can even adopt me if you want. I wouldn't mind moving to Canada.

  8. I wonder if you could substitute oat flour? There’s a company call Gold&Green that uses oats to make mock meats.

  9. I'm glad that the vegans on here have been giving ideas on how to veganize meat dishes, for example, Yovana Mendoza has made vegan beef patties out of black beans which are cheap here in Australia (80 cents per can).

    My local vegan restaurant (Vegan hut) offers a portobello mushroom burger for $12 AUD but I could stay at home & make the burgers that Yovana has made for less money.

    McDonalds doesn't have a Vegan option over here apart from if you order a coffee with soy milk added.

  10. fantastic, will be doing this fa shizzle, the big thing I got from this is to steam the saiten others have wrapped and boiled, time consuming, Thanks.

  11. Mary please make Lemongrass Chilli Chicken – stringy seitan chicken like the one found at vegan restaurants pleeeeaaasssse….? Helen's Lemongrass Chilli Chicken (from Helen's Recipes) was one of my favourites before I was vegan!

  12. Do you have a vegan Chinese chicken on a stick recipe? It was one of my favorite things to eat as a child.

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