Here’s my theory. Just because we’re eating somewhat healthy and 100% plant based doesn’t mean the food has to lack flavor. I love taking the flavors I grew up with and presenting them in brand new ways. I will admit, I didn’t grow up eating and cooking gumbo. But, one trip to Bourbon Street and I started to understand!!! So, now, I take what I did grow up eating and introduce it to my time spent in New Orleans for a wonderful treat!

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  1. Looks so good! But I am now looking for oil free, no flour recipes, because I find that the weight stayed on me as long as I used them both. Without them, it has been falling off!!! But damn, this looks good!! Will try to figure out how to make it without the oil and flour!! Vegan for life now!!!

  2. I just made this with fresh turnip greens fresh napa cabbage chicken sausage boneless skinless chicken thigh and bacon i didn't have worchester sauce but i had all the other stuff very good will most def make again

  3. I ❤ you Darius! You make the shift to eating a more focused plant-based diet more easier & fun! Muchas gracias!

  4. Might be worth a try. I didn't think I'd like navy bean soup without smoked ham, but one made by a local coffee shop was delicious.

  5. How in the hell do you make a leafy vegetable more "vegan"?? Lmao You "vegans" are hilariously…….off and weird.

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