chocolate fudge cake mix
20 oz room temp. dr pepper **A VIEWER SUGGESTED ONLY 12 OZ!!!
chopped marachino cherries

get the kids to help you with this super easy instructions……
mix it all up in a bowland pour into pan. bake at 350 degrees farenheit for approx 40 mins. use a toothpick to check, the cake will be soft and fudgy. baking in a sheet pan would be best even though i used a bundt pan.

I used store made frosting, just 1/2 can, and about 2 tbs of the cherry juice so it will drizzle over cake. If doing a regular cake use all frosting for a thicker spreadable frosting. top with fine chopped pecans or walnuts or, then decorate with whole or halved marachino cherries.

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  1. My sister was talking about this recipe last weekend, I suspect I will be trying it at some point this summer,

  2. That looks delicious. But my family doesn't like cherries. And I would eat the whole cake. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Reserve a heaping tablespoon full of cake mix to toss with the cherries and the cherries will not fall to the bottom…..I always do this with nuts, raisins & dry fruit of any kind that you may be adding to your cake…it works !

  4. yummy that looks so good.going to try this looks great .thankyou .how is your garden doing ? i keep looking at the video of your dads garden its amazing .thankyou.xx

  5. I've been making that cake for yrs but only use 12 oz of Dr Pepper (old weight wstchers recipe from 20 yrs ago). Never put cherries in it but that sounds good & never made a cherry icing, just a small amt of homemade. Will have to try this for next get together.
    Have a nice Memorial Day.

  6. Tricia, I made this yesterday for desert and it was a hit! It was so moist and my husband loved it. Got up this morning and was going to have a piece with my coffee and it was all gone. Thanks for the recipe (. I did use just the 12oz of Dr. Pepper. )

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