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$49 Levis 512 Slim Taper
$19-$29! H&M Zip Pants
$29-$45! Buy Tiro 17 Pants here
$39 Response Astro Pants
*$49 BOGO ½ Off PacSun Denim here
*My favorite pair:

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Top 5 Pants to wear with Sneakers under $50

We have so many options with footwear out here that I wanted to make a video on my Top 5 pants under $50 that I like to wear with sneakers . I will put a links in the description for you to purchase any of the pants mentioned in this video.

If you have a different opinion please leave a comment with your suggestions for pants in this price range! Without waiting, let’s get into it!

#5 $49MNML Track Pants
These cost $49 and look really nice for the price point, made from a 55% polyester 45% cotton tricot fabric. I have not tried this brand before but many people are talking about them, and they seem to have a really good selection of modern style pants and denim as well, but the denim is out of the price range for this video. They have a variety of different colors for track pants however, one thing I would like to see added is solid colors instead of only 2 tone.

#4 $49 Levis 512 Slim Taper
Many sneaker people tweeted me and mentioned these were there favorite budget pants with sneakers, and by the looks of it, they offer a great fit for the price point, which is $39 – 49 on sale, but retail slightly higher. You can find many colors for $49 and under however. They feature a narrow fit with a tailor-inspired taper. The 512™ Slim Taper Fit Jean is everything you like about our 511™ Slim, but updated for the style-forward guy.

Tried and True, Levis offers some great denim if a variety of colors.

#3 $19-$29! H&M Zip Pants
The price is unreal on these. On sale for $20 in some colors, these pants help make sneakers look great for an unbeatable price. These wash very well also, as I have 5 pairs of these and wear them at least once a week. The zip Joggers are a cotton twill. Elasticized drawstring waistband with mock fly. Side pockets, welt back pockets, dropped gusset, and tapered legs with gathered seams. I recommend giving these a try.

#2 $29-$45! Buy Tiro 17 Pants here
$39 Response Astro Pants
These have become one of my favorite pants for everyday use. The Tiro 17 can be found for under $39 bucks and is always on sale. These are actually soccer training pants, but they are very breathable with climacool ventilation, and also have a slim tapered fit which help the sneakers look great. I wear these primarily with my Ultra Boost, NMDs, Yeezys and Pure Boost, and love the light weight fit perfect for summer. Another great alternative I have found is the Response Astro pants which feature a horizontal 3 stripe branding across the calf.

We made it to the #1 spot on the countdown and if you are enjoyin the content please hit the like button, subscribe, share, and favorite and comment, and bring me a dutch apple pie… that sounds really good right now for some reason.

#1 Pac Sun Denim
*$49 BOGO ½ Off PacSun Denim here
*My favorite pair:
This denim has made its way into my weekly rotation because they keep up with the trends, and offer stylish pants for a really reasonable price. They are always on Buy One Get One 50% off, so you can get 2 pairs for under $100 most of the year, some sales you can actually get 3 pairs for that same price. Why spend $200 on a pair of denim that will likely go out of style in 3-5 years? Speaking of that, if you want to see a video of $40 denim vs $220 denim, hit that like button and leave a comment and I will make that video very soon! If that one goes well ill compare a $40 to a $400 pair afterwards. This denim is number #1 for under $50 however because I really like the product for the price. Every time I post an on feet picture on Instagram, people ask me where I got my jeans. The Zip denim is my favorite on feet, but the regular stuff is great, and I also have black and cream zip pants that I really like.

So there you have it, my top 5 selections for pants for under $50 that look great with sneakers!

A couple runner ups mentioned were Uniqlo, Asos, American Eagle, EPTM shout out to Wildcat for that one! and urban Outfitters. Once again if you have suggestions for other brands leave a comment, and thank you for watch the video! If you want to see more top 5 sneaker videos check the link in the description, I post Top 5 vids every Tuesday! At this time click the screen to go to another one of my vids.

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  1. I find pacsuns jeans to be too skinny with there “skinny” fit. What jeans are you wearing from pacsun in the video?

  2. i just can't get used to the whole skinny/tapered thing. They look great on some people, but i feel like a total ponce wearing them. Maybe they look better on shorter people, or people with short legs but if you're 6 ft plus, especially if you have long femurs they just look a bit effeminate/hipster and can make some blokes look really lanky.

  3. I love all the choices, however I would also add American Eagle skinny/slim fit jeans too. They are very high quality.

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  5. As a suggestion for bigger guys, as an alternative to the Levis 512, I love the 541; its just a bit more large person friendly.

  6. Yo Hes, or anyone. I’m always scared to buy jeans/pants because I’m scared of the ink rubbing off on my shoes. I have a pair of turtle doves that a bit of ink rubbed on them. Luckily I took it off. Do you or any of y’all know how to make it so the ink doesn’t rub onto shoes? I heard salt and water helps.

  7. Everybody sleeping on Hollister Jeans! $25 and you get all fits. Skinny’s work for me the best!! If I’m down to spend $50+ I’m getting Levi’s or Bullheads

  8. American Eagle denim is hands down my favorite. They're a lot more flexible and they come in lots of colors. They go for $50 and it's worth every bit! H&M denim is alright and cheaper but there is not much breathing room, if you catch my drift.

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