Great food, great people and a great location! We are delighted to be over in Dorset with Waitrose in May hosting 4 retreats! Imagine one night’s luxury glamping in the beautiful Dorset woodlands, a vegan cookery demo and a stunning dinner cooked by us! Check out our behind the scenes of this cool vegan forest retreat.

For more info on our retreats with Waitrose see here:

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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  1. My mouth was watering at the sight of that pizza, I could almost taste it all the way over here in Australia!

  2. My husband and I will be over there in October, would so love to do a retreat like this. I wondered if there was anything like this happening in early October

  3. I thought you have kids?! Beautiful film thx. Im hoping to get away soon to a 'forest bath'. Healing

  4. Hey dudes absolutely gutted to only see this now – not enough time to re-arrange plans ! PLEASE do this again and give us poor folks more notice and we will be there ! Great stuff tho – well done !

  5. I love that you commented on the magical forest in Waitrose yet you two are from Ireland, land of magical everything! <3

  6. Omg!!!!….I had a big smile on my face for the entire video….and such a warm heart watching you two…..✌️❤️!!!

  7. I love your enthusiasm, it just sparks off you both! What a magical place – certainly meets the definition of retreat. Enjoy! I hope you get a lot of interest and participants. Too far from Australia for me but I'm with you in my mind! ♡

  8. I live half way around the world from there….but I'd still love to come. Give us a bit more notice before the next one, eh?

  9. What a heaven! It is my dream to visit Dorset one day…All the best with the retreat! (seeing just the posh house for 2 is left now:)) Are u planning on making a video from the retreat too?

  10. i would meet you there in a seconde if i could but…i am in Mexico far far away from your paradise! i love you guys! love the sparkle in your eyes: you are so happy and grateful for all the natural environment! Thank you for another wonderful simple fabulous video of connectedness! je vous adore ! 🙂

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