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Pranks help you give thanks! Thanksgiving is coming up, so I’m going to share some of my best food pranks to pull on your friends. Watch how to prank them with a pumpkin pie, a giant pop tart, and frozen mashed potatoes. Get more prank ideas:

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In this GoldieBlox video, I’m sharing Thanksgiving pranks to play on friends and family – pumpkin pie, giant pop tart, and frozen mashed potatoes.

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  1. i just subbed cause of the giveaway. i kept on watching ur vids and i love them. u have a great personality. thats what makes u so lovable i guess

  2. I love you goldy usually when I enter give aways I subscribe and turned on notifications but it never works I always try so I hope I can when the iPhone giveaway

  3. The reason why the ballon one didn’t work is because your supposed to use whipped cream because the frosting is gonna make it really heavey to pop. Also you supposed to make he ballon bigger

  4. Ok let’s get to the story you are the BEST youtuber and you are amazing can not wait for you to get million subscribers you are so close you should not be close to million you should be close to 3million oh and did I️ say you are amazing because you are

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