Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Patti Pie!!!!

Hey y’all!!! My first video of the year!!! Happy New Year! 2016 y’all. I’m back Lol My cousin was so nice to buy me the Patti sweet potato pie. I hope y’all enjoy 😍😘😚

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Sweet Potato Pie

Easy Sweet Potato Pie Recipe


Enjoy this simple, yet delicious sweet potato pie recipe. With bake time you’ll have your very own homemade sweet potato pie in 1.5 hours.

Chances are you won’t find any Patti Pies this holiday season! In this video my mom shares her delicious sweet potato pie recipe.

Running short on a holiday dish? Make this pie, it’ll be a hit. We guarantee! Who needs a Patti Pie when you can have a Mama Pie!

Large sweet potatoes (2-3)
Vanilla Extract (1 tbsp)
Almond Extract (1/2 tsp)
Pet Milk (1/4 cup)
Baking Powder (1/2 tsp)
Large Eggs (2)
Sugar (1 cup)
Nutmeg (1 tsp)
Cinnamon (1 tsp)
Butter (1 stick)
Deep Dish Pie Shells (1 pack)

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Sweet Potato Pie

Homemade Sweet Potato Pie with Noah’s Mom! – Rustic As F#%K

Christmas is almost here so once again Noah has recruited his mom to help teach you how to make another AMAZING pie, this time it’s the sweet potato variety! Now your Thanksgiving can be a little more Rustic as F#%K. Subscribe:

We here at Tasted are committed to helping you cook like less of a wuss. So today Noah and his mom are going to show you how to make a sweet potato pie that is Rustic as F#%K.

Did you enjoy this recipe? Are you going to make sweet potato pie for your Christmas feast? Or just because?

Want more Noah? Check out The Food Feeder:

RECIPE, for those of you who didn’t take notes during this video. LAME.

Pierce 4 medium sweet potatoes (NOT YAMS) and Bake at 350 for 1 hour
Peel off skin and caramelized bits
Mash potatoes until chunky

Preheat oven to 400

Lightly beat 3 Eggs
Add 1 1/3 cup Sugar
Grate in 1/4 tsp Nutmeg
Add 3/4 tsp Cinnamon
Add 1/2 tsp Allspice
Grate in 1 tsp Lemon Rind
Add 1 1/2 cup Cream
Whisk together then add to Sweet Potatoes
Add 1/4 tsp Salt
Add 4tbsp melted Unsalted Butter
Mix together

Put Pie Filling into pre-rolled chilled Pie Crust (Find out how to make the crust here:

Place in oven and bake for 45-55 minutes

Let Pie Cool for 1 Hour


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Sweet Potato Pie

Betty’s Sweet Potato Balls — Christmas

Betty demonstrates how to make Sweet Potato Balls for this year’s Christmas table. These consist of sweet potato puree, sugar, orange juice, and pecans.

Sweet Potato Balls

15 oz. can sweet potato puree (or yams, drained and mashed)
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup orange juice
1 heaping cup finely-chopped pecans

In a small bowl, combine sweet potato puree, sugar, and orange juice. Blend well. Shape mixture into approximately 12 balls, using about 2 tablespoons for each ball. Roll sweet potato balls in finely-chopped pecans. Place on greased cookie sheet. Heat at 350 degrees (F) until heated through. Remove from oven and serve immediately. These are great for a holiday dinner. Enjoy! –Betty 🙂

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Sweet Potato Pie

Southern Cabbage Recipe – Soul food style – I Heart Recipes

How to cook southern soul food cabbage in the slow cooker


Love Macaroni and Cheese? Try my easy recipe for Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese . It’s the BEST

While you’re at it, check out my recipe for True Southern Fried Chicken . It’s better than Popeyes!

And you can’t forget about my How to make French Toast tutorial. It’s is honestly the best recipe for french toast. Give it a try

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Hey there, I’m Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I Heart Recipes is a hip and up to beat cooking show that show you how to make your favorite comforts. I cook everything from your favorites southern and soul food dishes, to your favorites restaurant dishes. All of my cooking / recipe videos are short , sweet, and straight to the point, and easy enough for cooking beginners to follow.

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