The humble flapjack can take many forms, we’ve decided to pack ours with fibre and nutrients, along with a nice layer of chocolate. These are the ultimate lunch box filler. You can replace the nuts with more seeds to make them nut allergen friendly.

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  1. I love you guys, but I have to admit that I stopped paying attention when I realized you weren't about to give me a better vegan pancake recipe than the one I've been using.

  2. My goodness those look good. I have all kinds of different nutrition ideas to add to that recipe. Going to give it ago soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. whaaaat. All these comments saying Americans thought "flapjacks" meant pancakes? Then what do Americans call flapjacks?

  4. Oat cakes, flapjacks whatever they are called in the world they are little squares of goodness. I am always available for the position of assistant taster if you guys open a vacancy. CV is in the post.

  5. Sorry guys, gorgeous accent but I can't undersand what the water contains (at about 3:11 in the video) could someone enlighten me? I have played it back several times but still can't get it..

  6. I noticed that a few of us North American fans commented on the "flapjack" terminology. Point of Interest: My McKinney grandfather called the thinner pancake a flapjack, like the ones we make with cornmeal or cornbread mix, but he called the thick buttermilk and thick sourdough ones a pancake. ??? Love looking at your flapjack though.

  7. these looks so frkn bomb and delcious and chewy i want them in my mouthhhh cant wait to make them great recipe guys!!!

  8. I love your energy, your passion and amazing recipes! Huge props to you both for your episode on “Somebody Feed Phil” – amazing!!!!

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