In this video for super easy pineapple blueberry dump cake, I pay homage to my idol Ree Drummond!!! This is an absolutely scrumptious dessert that’s simple to make and can please a crowd for sure. Grab a few ingredients, DUMP them into a baking pan and throw it in the oven, Yup! It really is that easy. Try it today and see how easy dessert can be….


* 2 19oz cans blueberry pie filling
* 1 can pineapple slices
* 1 box white cake mix
* 1 stick butter

Hope you guys enjoy this video and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just give me a shout and I’ll get back ASAP!!!!!

Try this today and take your meals from ordinary to OPA!!!!!

Hope you all love it!!!!!


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  1. I agree with you on no name cans. I worked at a cannery in WA and they did Green Giant and other name brands. The best product went first to store names and the lesser products went to Penny Smart etc. but was all good product. The only thing that might be a little different is the amount of sugar added to fruit. Everyone is welcome to spend as much money as possible if they have it. If not go lessor. I have tried your recipes and like them thanks

  2. YaSou Ken! I am totally with you I LOVE Ree Drummond ! You have to make her Mini Vanilla Scones! No machine, Easy, you don't have to have anything room temperature, Amazing ! I can't stop making them. I would love for you to try this and maybe put it on video ? Euxaristo Adelpho Mou!

  3. Hi Ken! Do you make rice pudding? My Nouno was a chef and made the best rice pudding. Sadly, I don't have his recipe.

  4. Ken you are so right about non brand products but as you stated you have to use discernment. I CHUCKLED when you said 6 hrs on the Treadmill if you eat it lol lol I work out 9 hours a week at the GYM so I can eat lol lol Its far harder to keep it off once you pass 40 and that only gets worse every 10 years lol So my friend be prepared By the way Montreal $ Stores carry those foil pans with covers and here in the greater Detroit area plus in our home in Las Vegas we have $ Tree Stores you can buy both as sets for a $, They are a nice heavy duty foil quality they carry a really good selection of them for a $ each .,That cake looks mighty tempting lol lol it'll take me more then 9 hours a week at my GYM to indulge in that lol

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