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  1. Ciao Laura! I just wanted to ask you; what is the number of the episode in which you make the pie with raspberries that we see there in your intro at 0:08 please? because I searched among yours videos, in your playlist, and I also typed "raspberry pie" in your search bar on your youtube channel but I did not find it …. thanks! ho and great video & recipe and gorgeous you as usual!!!! baci

  2. For the measurements of the milk mixture, it seemed way too much for the cake. I had to pour some out and there was still a lot. Did anyone else experience this?

  3. Laura my name is Laura also and I just want to say I love your sense of humor you are great and I love to watch your shows makes me feel like I am right there in your kitchen with you.

  4. Oh man, i love love how you just went right in to eat the slice of cake you just cut!! with determination! It must’ve been some bomb ass cake and momma must’ve been hungry.

  5. Querida Lauren eres hermosa cocinas delicioso y me recuerdas a mi hija Karen que vive en España,ella cocina rico como tu,es hermosa y tierna como tú.Abrazos a tu linda familia.

  6. Ok sweet friends… I made this last night and let me tell you, you need this in your life!!! It is SOOO good! Thank you Laura for yet another terrific recipe!

  7. What a great idea, I am going to use some strawberry powder in my custard and whip topping. I will let you know how it turns out. I have dried strawberries so I am going to grind it up to make the powder.

  8. did she just say “treyz” its thrrreeesss its 3 in spanish lol this triggers me

  9. love all of your recipes, make them for my church potlucks and everyone loves whatever I bring, thank you for making my life easier, one quick question, why is it that you don't use cake flour

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