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Nutritional Values per Slice: 436kcal, 5.5g Carbs (7g Fibre), 11g Protein, 40g Fat

INGREDIENTS (make a Pie, 8 Slices)

CRUST (you need to make this twice, one for the bottom crust, one of the lid)

100g / 3.5oz almond flour

40g / 1.4oz coconut flour

5g / 1tsp xanthan gum

10ml / 2tsp apple cider vinegar

100g / 3.5oz COLD butter

55g / 1.9oz COLD full fat cream cheese

1 egg


100g / 3.5oz icing sweetener

300g / 10.5oz rhubarb, cut in 1 or 2 inches bits

250g / 8.8oz strawberries (if frozen, thaw them first)


Silicone Rolling Pin

Coconut Oil Spray

Pie Dish

Cling Film

Baking Parchment Paper


Hand Mixer


Wooden Spoon

Aluminium Foil



My Rainbow Cutlery:

This is without a doubt the best faked carb recipe I ever achieved. My husband asked me repeatedly while scoffing his slice “tell me again why this is keto?” and the answer is “because it only has 5.5g of carbs per slice”, which is still quite high but that’s implied with the fact we are using strawberries and this is to remind you that, while berries might be allowed in keto Strawberries for instance are still between 6g and 7g carbs per 100g. I tried to keep the amount down with 250g but that did bring in 15g of carbs that we just have to deal with. Are those 6g of carbs worth it? Oh god if they are. The way the strawberry cook with the Xanthan Gum and Sweetener makes them a strawberry jam basically, for taste rather than just texture, Robb was again amazed by the fact he couldn’t taste sweeteners, just strawberry Jam.Eat Responsibly.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! My grandmother used to make rhubarb pie for me from her garden. I never thought I would see that again! Thank you dear Ginger!

  2. This looks absolutely aMAzing!!! I have fresh cut rhubarb on the table. Planning to try tomorrow or Wednesday!! Thank you!!!!

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