How to make southern smothered potatoes and sausage.

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  1. Looks amazing!❤ Im going to give yours a try. Ive never had it smothered this way. Ive always fried my smoked sausage, Jimmy dean breakfast pan sausage, onions, & bell peppers Then added a few cups of water to the pot & put in sliced potatoes, butter, & seasonings let it simmer until its done.

  2. Hey Rosie. Im a new Big fan of ur cooking. Everytime theres a work party i always cook something n i used a couple of ur recipes for the meals and everyone loves it.
    Ive made something simular to ur recipe but ill add shrimp and or beef fajitas. The sausage Ill do one mild n one jalepeno to add a bit of a kick to it.
    I saw u used russet potatoes for the dish. I prefer to use red skin potatoes because red skins dont fall apart like russets. And they get mushy like mash potatoes.
    On the subject of potatoes. LOVE UR RECIPE on the creamiest mash potatoes. I want u to know i learn some of the simplest thing u point out that make a huge differnce. Like boiling ur potatoes in chicken broth. Oh my God. So simple u think, Why didnt I think of that.
    Followed it step by step. It came out delicious.
    Ive done ur mac n chz. Which is my families personal favorite. Everyone loved it.
    The pot roast, oven roast brisket (learned to cook it with beef broth instead, thanks so much for the tip)
    Meet loaf n the turkey ( that was intimidating for me wish u were there in person to walk me through it.) But over all learned so much love ur cooking. Want you to know i think of you as a cooking show celebrity. Again big fan.

  3. I make this as our main meal but instead of cooking it in a pan I bake it in the oven. Once done, I sprinkle with cheddar cheese. This taste great

  4. Good tasty recipe. I like your videos…you direct, to the point pleasant and have short videos. I'd eat this as a meal and serve with corn bread. Only thing I'd change would be to cut the sausage on a diagonal slant vs horizontal. The sausage gets more surface area to cook and get a better taste, also makes the sausage look like bigger pieces. Keep up the good work.

  5. I would use this as a breakfast dish. I'd serve it along side of scrambled eggs and biscuits. Yummy.

  6. I've been making this for years and years. I don't add chicken broth though? I crisp it up pretty well. I love it for breakfast or dinner.Eggs with it for breakfast, and for dinner, it's stand alone with corn bread! It's our favorite meal!

  7. Back during the great depression in the 1930’s this is what people ate. The only thing different is that they used hot dogs instead of the smoked sausage.

  8. U don't need anymore meat, you already have the sausage in there. So maybe Garlic Toast made with Rustic bread.

  9. I just made this last night, followed her recipe, except for the sausage, we used chicken sausage, and I made cornbread to go with it, and it was FANTASTIC! Thanks Rosie!

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