Do you want an easy way to whip up your holiday stuffing without even boiling water? Check out this recipe for Slow Cooker Stuffing that let’s you have your StoveTop without even heating up your stove top 😉

Full recipe here:

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  1. I just came across your channel you guys rock I’ve been looking for a channel that does a lot of cooking was slow cookers awesome channel

  2. sounds like a great recipe and frees up the Oven, can't wait to try this! You guys are great love your videos.

  3. I love creamy stuffing under our leftover turkey soup after Thanksgiving is done. Hubby takes allot of our leftovers and makes a soup I have fallen in love with. I look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers just for this soup.

  4. I love watching y'all, but have never liked stuffing. From Mississippi and grew up with cornbread dressing. Do you have a slow cooker recipe for dressing. I cook my own cornbread and make homemade broth, cooking chicken wings in it for flavor and taking out after fork tender.

  5. "If you're wierd…" Ummmmmm, yeah, but I thought you already knew that about us!! LOL ;P
    What happened to Alexa?? or, Google??
    Yeah, what happened to your paper towels? 😉
    Spoonable… any leftovers – take and make a lil patty and crisp it up on the griddle or skillet, then on top of a couple slices of bread/buns pile on reheated potatoes, some turkey slices, a wee bit of cranberry sauce and you've got a whing-ding delicious sammy the next day while watching sports or whatever if you're into sports, or fuel before heading out to attend all those "Black Friday" affairs that you've been invited to. 🙂

  6. I see you have a Echo! Did you know that you can name your timers? Handy if you are cooking multiple dishes. You can have like a pasta timer and a chicken timer and whatever else you are cooking. She even says what timer is going off so you know which is which. All you have to say is set a chicken timer or whatever else you are cooking for a certain time.

  7. Just wondering why you didn't add the season package? But you gave me a great idea to free up oven and stovetop space for holiday cooking!!

  8. i made in crock pot tonight …i want to take to work tomorrow so in the fridge overnight ..can i just put it on low in crockpot at work tomorrow ? or will it need broth ?

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