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  1. I’ve been doing the seated Db shoulder press for years and never got much out of it, until recently. I only did it because everyone else was doing it, but then I took a step back and realized that I wasn’t getting much out of it for shoulder size. As of then, I started consulting coaches, analyzing the best and that gave me the changes needed to get better orogress.

    Some of the key things I’ve learned were:

    1. Setting the bench as vertical as possible without the glutes shoving forward to turn it to an incline to hit the delts harder. Keeping my core tight and not touching my head against the pad helped my torso stay more erect and stationary.

    2. Having the Dumbells further away from my center of gravity (further from my ears) helped a lot because if the weights are too close to your head then your forearms, biceps and traps help too much and you can’t get as much delt emphasis. So if you have your elbow and fist straight in a vertical line from the floor it mimics a barbel shoulder press, but with Dumbells and since the Dumbells are further away from you then you get a better stretch on the side delts which is important for shoulder size.

    Also don’t have the Dumbells directly by your sides nor in front of you either but rather somewhere in between to stimulate delt growth and for shoulder longevity reasons, this is why somewhere in the middle is preferable.

    3. Constant tension reps are also important which means you don’t have to lockout 100%
    which keeps tension on the delts and at the bottom you don’t have to touch the shoulders either in order to maintain tension, but you still want to go very low, just don’t touch your delts. This is how bodybuilders do it and although it may sound silly to some, it works and my delts have been getting larger.

    “It’s not always about full ROM in bodybuilding, but full range of tension”

    Hope you guys learned something, you’ll be seeing a lot of bodybuilding related content like training tips and cooking advice for a while so stay tuned! Also if I missed any tips on the seated Db shoulder press for maximum delt size then let me know down below!

  2. Here's my best tip – Pull your shoulders down whilst you press up, it sounds weird but what it does is it stops your traps from becoming too active and contributing too much to the lift, and puts all the focus on the delts. You can even try it now with just your own arms and no weights and you will feel it.

  3. If the bench is flat horizontal then there will be no way to cheat, is it necessary to have the bench vertical. If you are strict, is standing any disadvantage ?

  4. That's some nice tips big bro thanks =) Make me think of the way Chuck Ahrens did them. Widest shoulders during the pre Golden Era of bodybuilding, even wider than Steve Reeves's. He could do 90lbs lateral raise in good form and 160lbs DB Seated Press but because they were so big he was pressing to the outside not straight, like a Y. Right now you can find the Y Press but no one remember that big bulk strongman who actually invented the exercise.

  5. Interesting; title is "Seated DB Press Tips To Maximize Shoulder Size", while you said "Maximize the Seated DB Press Tips for Shoulder Size". I suggest to switch the title of the video to the latter, as it's less usual and actually more interesting. Helpful tips gentleman.

  6. this is gold!!
    Another video with tips for the barbell seated military press to work better the delts would be great 🙂

  7. All this talk about how big you are blah blah,etc

    YET, you dont have a single video PROVING IT
    Show us some solid proof(measurements) or dont post man

  8. Interestingly Reg Park used to get his clients to look down slightly when performing the seated DB press so their minds would be more conscious and aware of the recruitment of the delts as opposed to looking up which emphasized the upper pecs.

  9. I actually find that a slight incline is better for hitting the delts. One of the main reasons being that it takes the strain on the neck out of the exercise.

  10. I was skeptical of doing the rear delt swing movement with extremely high reps as john meadows recommends, since he isn’t natural.
    But when I saw your video about it and you also recommending very high reps I decided to try it out.
    I am extremely thankful that I did because it’s had a huge impact on my shoulders, they have definetly gotten a better 3d shape, thank you Phil!

  11. Hey Phil, are you going to upload another "Bulking on a Budget" episode? I really enjoyed the first two, and I'm looking forward to more if you're still planning to create some. As always, great videos and thanks for all the advice!

  12. Tried this last night but with a wider grip overhead press after watching this. Hammered the delts way harder than I thought, you just saved me bro lol.

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