Alright guys this weeks recipe is for a rich and hearty cottage pie. This is your classic cottage pie recipe . Let me know what you think cheers Huw

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  1. Maybe also good to add that adding alcohol to dishes like these will dissolve the alcohol, leaving only the smell and taste of the liquid. Great video Huw!

  2. Hands up, been doing it all wrong. What I really want to know is, when you cook this good at home, where do you eat out, there must be some pretty amazing restaurants round your way. Changing the way I cook cottage pie. Thank you Huw.

  3. I substitute red wine with tomato juice, broth and good balsamic vinegar to give me the grape taste, acidity and sweetness. I'm a fan of your work. keep it cheerful mate.

  4. There are hummingbirds just flying around? Must be lovely! And that pie looks so good, definitely gonna have to try and make cottage pie!

  5. Looks so delicious! I'm definitely saving this for when we hit the cooler seasons here. I thought most alcohol gets cooked away in something like this? And surely there would be an unpleasant taste to the dish if a significant amount of alcohol was left anyway?

  6. You have changed the way I'll be cooking mince, forever. I always thought there was something I was missing, and now I know! Nice one!

  7. Huw, I just shared your video on twitter… I won't cook it otherwise I would have to eat it each day for a week long…

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