RIP dear Antonio. You will be truly missed. X

The legendary Antonio Carluccio finally makes his debut on Food Tube! We are honoured to have this incredible chef, author, restauranteur and old friend of Gennaro Contaldo share with us – and you – his authentic Italian carbonara recipe. So simple. So tasty.

What’s your favourite pasta recipe Food Tubers? Any other great tips or methods for making this most classic of dishes? Please get in touch in the comments box below.

Would you like to see more of Antonio on the channel? If you shout loud enough we’ll ask him very nicely to do some more videos!

Recipe here:

In the meantime you can read more of his fantastic pasta recipes in his new book:

And you can read more great recipes in the Two Greedy Italians book written with Food Tube’s very own Gennaro Contaldo:

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  1. i saw this video for the first time and felt so much positive energy in this sweet man…then i read the sad news..RIP Mr. Carluccio, may god bless your soul +

  2. Looks great. I agree with him that the parmesan is better than the traditional pecorino but I love a bit of garlic in my carbonara.

  3. jesus, I didn't know at all Antonio Carluccio died!! I am so sorry! I remember when I first came to UK I wanted to work at Carluccio's because I went in there to have a coffee and I fell like I was at home. RIP

  4. I tried this tasty carbonara at his restaurant in Covent Garden, a gastronomic extravaganza, no cream is used, fantastic..

  5. Decided to try this at home (with some tweaks on the cheese and on the ham cause of lack of access to such ingredients). I know now why i hated carbonara as a child. RIP good sir.

  6. Antonio in Italy we are really apologize for you, but please don't use oil in this preparation! The guanciale don't need oil to be cooked

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