Sick of being asked to guzzle maple syrup and chug liters of cola, the cast of “Super Troopers 2” is here to taste test one of America’s most treasured culinary traditions: frozen pizza. Fresh off the 4/20 premiere of their stoner-classic sequel, the Super Troopers crew is determined to find the best freezer-aisle slice for when those late-night munchies hit. From classics like DiGiorno and Ellio’s, to an artisanal frozen pie from the folks at Roberta’s in Bushwick, Sean Evans is rolling out some of the country’s most beloved heat-and-eat pizzas. Is DiGiorno really as good as delivery? Does Tombstone Original have a faint taste of snozberry? The guys answer these important questions—and more!—on an all new episode of Sean in the Wild.

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  1. I'm disappointed, and Sean, what happened? where is Screamin Sicilian and Home Run Inn. I get it maybe not everyone has access to them but atleast Home Run Inn

  2. Where's the frozen stuffed crust? We always do pizza on Friday. That Roberta's looks good though

  3. There's an up-and-coming brand of pizza called screamin' sicilian, not sure if it's a local thing but it is THE best.

  4. lol i went to watch that movie it was so shit we walked out half way and went to watch a movie we had watched before, so we watched it a second time and it was still more enjoyable that that movie these guys made, it was just so bad lol

  5. Nothing beats a Tonys frozen pizza sausage and pepperoni…but i am partial my grandma bought them and for $1.99 it is a no brainer

  6. Gotta go to the store then pre heat the oven for a nasty frozen pizza.

    I'd rather call the pizza shop and wait for a fresh pizza that wasn't made in a factory. It's not delivery it's disgusting.

  7. You should always customize your frozen pizzas before baking… THAT'S where frozen pizzas really shine. (I worked in a pizza shop for 10 years and have made & baked over 20,000 pies).
    Pizza rules. So do Super Troopers! 🙂

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