In this week’s podcast, Paula and Bobby sit down and talk about Thanksgiving and their favorite dishes from Thanksgiving and their plans for Christmas. Bobby reminisces about his trip to the Biltmore mansion in Asheville North Carolina. Pauls remembers her trip to the grand ol’ opry.

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  1. Your statement that Christmas isn't about gifts but being together is nice in your perfect world but for us who live in the real world, 4 children you can't afford to buy gifts for is is heartbreaking because gifts are important to them. My gift to them is hoping I can keep the electricity on for Christmas. Yes, we will be together but not flying off to a great destination. Sorry for this depressing comment but my washer just broke this morning and trying to buy a cheap used one, ran across your comments. Sorry, but it's not all cheerful for some of us as it is with you

  2. Love you Paula Deen!❤ You are my favorite food channel cook. Seriously I was 12 years old watching your amazing show during the toughest times you somehow made me feel "at home" lol. Well hope you have a wonderful Chistmas.

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