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  1. The sauce is a must to make, however, this is not Chef John's voice. The stand in is using key words to fool us but where is that aged velvety voice? in addition, this guy is from Jersey judging from his accent.

  2. Funny thing my great grand ma uses a pinch of powdered anti acid for the same reason to her mole sauce (she is from Oaxaca Mexico) and I'd say that it works.

  3. I noticed that in your original pizza sauce video you removed the seeds, but in this one you didn't. Have you changed your thoughts about that part of it?

  4. Let us know when you are ready to reveal the Classified Pizza Sauce, (That could be dirty talk these days) when you get clearance of course.

  5. Do you know if this sauce could be canned without the taste changing too much? Obviously you would water bath can it. Salsa canned changes the flavor too much. I'm wondering if this would also.

  6. Sorry real Pizza sauce is raw tomato puree with basil and salt. Cooked on the pizza only. Anything else is just a marinara sauce / red sauce that Americans put on pizza.

  7. Love your take on many of your recipes, but this one I will pass on. I am an anchovy fanatic right out of the jar, on pizza, on Italian bread with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil, spaghetti with garlic and oil anchovy sauce anyone)and other sauce recipes, but with the addition of the anchovies and the ridiculous amounts of fresh and dried oregano in this pizza sauce recipe, this is definitely a skip for me!!  Everybody has their own taste and take on things, but to me pizza sauce should be a simple and basic sauce, not this overwhelming concoction!

  8. How come you're the only one using oregano in your pizza sauce?  Used to be the go to ingredient that differentiated pizza sauce from spaghetti sauce, now no one uses it.  anx for restoring my faith…

  9. I have a wood burning pizza oven. Cooks pizzas in two minutes. Until now we have used tomato purée plus olive oil to base our pizzas. We use the high temperatures to draw out the fat from our toppings, plus the smoke to season our pizza. Has been great until now.

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