This round of Oreos includes Firework Oreo cookies filled with popping candy, Peeps, and a breakfast-y delight: Waffles & Syrup. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Summer Paradise & Sprightly music courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you’re reading this, you know what’s what. Comment: “What about Playdough flavored Oreos?” below. 🙂

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  1. The peeps oreos actually do have sugar crystals in the filling – that is why I liked them so much! I hope you give them another try, or that your box was from an off batch, or something.

  2. I'm so envious of US brands… they're not afraid to experiment with flavors! Here in Norway everything comes in just a small variety of flavors, like f.ex cheese or paprika. And then even if it's different products (pasta, potato chips, whatever), you still only get the same choices…ugh. It's so boring! I've only ever had regular Oreos and the ones that have the chocolate coating, but those are hard to find. I've seen the thin ones in the shop too, but who the hell would want less oreo…haha

  3. I haven't seen the waffle and syrup ones or coconut ones but 4th of July popping ones are by far my favorite ones

  4. taste testing the firework oreos as I'm watching. Very weird sensation cookie is gone but popping candy is still popping.

  5. This is unrelated to oreos, but I REALLY want to know firstly, if you have ever had food poisoning from any of the foods that you've tasted on your channel? (like the 28 year old MRE? )and secondly, what do you do once you've reviewed the food? Do you feed it to your family, or like slowly ration it out? And have you ever gone back and continued to buy any of the weird foods that you taste? I've just always wondered! 🙂 Has anyone else?

  6. I've always hated the cream. It has this waxy/greasy feeling that I really dislike. I'd scrape the cream off and eat only the cookie part, lol.

  7. I work at a convenience store, and we're still selling leftover Peep Oreos from springtime. (It's July.) Since I've started there, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who comes up to the register grabs a package, says "ewwww" really dramatically and asks who the hell would eat that. Emmy, thank you for finally satisfying my curiosity

  8. Feel lucky that in your country you can find so many sorts of Oreo. In my country, there are less than 10 sorts of Oreo!

  9. What are Playdough flavored Oreos? Also, should've gotten some Lactaid to dunk these in! Oreos are always better dunked.

  10. How do you get these extraordinary Oreo flavors??We have only the original and the chocolate!! 🙁

  11. Frankly I like Oreo Thins. I feel like their thinness lends to a more satisfying bite. Whereas original oreos have a crumbly crunch, the thins have a nice snap.

  12. hi there i really enjoyed that thanks, i love watching these iv tried the oero thins lovely lovely lovely i did a joke American trying British candy absolutely no offense intended its just my sense of humor… my Scottish accent did slip in a few times oops . iv only been doing vlogs for 3 weeks and really enjoying it but i dont edit them it would take forever to do that because i go off track so much in that 3 weeks iv got 41 subs so they must be ok annnd i got my first sub today from America so really happy about that .anyway i will sub you because i really enjojed your vlog and would like to follow you take care have a great day x

  13. I nearly fell out of my bed laughing when she tried the coconut thins. I didn't know sun tan lotion had a possible cookie.

  14. Can you do a tast test on Oreo Sweetish fish, cotton candy, PB& J, s’mores, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cheesecake, cookie dough, Mississippi mud, jelly doughnut, or cookie butter?

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