It was my pleasure hosting my good friend and sister in my kitchen. She prepared a sumptuous meal. Enjoy!
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Nigerian food is yummy!

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  1. Wahoo obodo oyibo… Well come ooh, we are very happy to see you, may God bless you. Thank you so much much for inviting her.

  2. when the peas were added I was like wow and aunty flo said wow. imagine this collabo. good job

  3. Ehhhn. so that was where Obodo was travelling to in that video. Chai it flew past me. There is God oooo.

  4. Wow and it was certainly quick and easy to make this tasty recipe as I love my noodles too. Thanks for this great tip and will certainly make this amazing method of yours Obodo Oyinbo and will check your channel too. God bless you and our lovely Flo and bothj look amazingly gorgeous too.

  5. nice one so you went all the way to spain to make noodles lol can you let me know what your friend uses to clean her electric hub its really clean thanks.

  6. Great collaboration. I have been waiting for this recipe. This is what we call a million dollar recipe all the way from uk to spain.Very expensive recipe!

  7. Omg!! Delicious NOODLES. Wonderful collaboration. Fantastic kitchen. welldone ✅✅✅❤️❤️

  8. My heart just leapped for Joy upon seeing Sis.Bridget AKA Obodo Oyinbo TV. I love her stories. So real and enjoyable to watch. Sis.Flo Idi too much nwanne thank you for hosting her. You both are wonderful and unique in your ways. so happy for this. Daalu

  9. what did delicious and lovely dish made today I made this decision tune and it came out very good can you make a video of Nigerian chicken nugget

  10. Hey very interesting recipe will try that for sure. Talk about energetic ladies nothing as reviving and invigorating as friendship and connecting with other ladies abroad especially in the kitchen! You're having way too much ladies it's infectious keep laughing jumping cooking and eating! That's the life!

  11. I love this recipe i must try it out but after the indomie seasoning adding maggi and salt too,i tink i would be so salty,,maybe when i make mine i would find out

  12. Noodles have a very high sodium content. It can cause high blood pressure and kidney failure. Please don't eat this food at all.

    Nice video sha.

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