Twizzlers has two new flavors perfect for summer! Will Robyn be able to guess Orange Cream Pop and Key Lime Pie?

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  1. I have not tried either of those two flavors, but I did try the new orange crush flavor, and they are terrible! I couldn't even get the little grandkids to eat them, and they love orange crush pop…I guess I do too. Lol!

  2. im here a little late but i made it, great review by the way, Cathy take it easy on Robyn or she might find some pickled pigs feet pickles for you to try. lol i dont think she would really do that because she seems to really enjoy her job helping you out. i think for your next test taste you should bring John in and you and Robyn both be blind folded. show John what you have and let him pick two or three items for you two to try, in a way i think it would be only fair. like someones grandkids on here i only used Twizlers for a straw in my drinks as a kid. have a great day my friends. 🙂

  3. I've never understood what people see in Twizzlers. To me, they suck. They taste like lightly flavored wax. But because of this review and my enduring trust in the "chicks", my interest has been piqued so maybe I'll try one of those flavors one day. Maybe. Here's a fun fact…they make over one million miles of Twizzlers every year. Fun review ladies! Love the way Cathy "modeled" various Twizzler eating styles while Robyn was lost in the weeds. Fan for life.

  4. I subscribe to a couple of comedy channels but I laugh more watching yours. Oh and maybe you should do a review on cutting instruments.

  5. what a fun one i love twislers…..can you compare redvines with them…..i love redvine ones too they have a different taste to them..thanks for another fun post….

  6. Robin is getting so good! LOL But really if she was good at it it wouldn't be as funny! I will be looking for these.I love the regular twizzlers.

  7. I'm not a fan of the original either. These two are favorite flavors of mine. I don't eat much in the way of candy but I'll give these a try 🙂

  8. Well Robyn ( I finally spelled your name right) Sorry. Your sense of taste is terrible. But it is so hilarious to see the totally off the wall flavors you come out with. how does key lime taste like grape? Funny stuff. really cracks me up. Next time let Robyn shop and let Cathy guess.  Thanks for the video. Have an outstanding day!!!  it was high 50's this morning in NJ. Send the warm weather please.

  9. I enjoyed that I had a ruff day and yawl brightened it such FUN!!! BUT O MY GOSH that would be funny to see yawl test your kids on that AHAHAHAHHAH I would mine but he is a grown man not be as funny HAHAHAHA

  10. Yea, I agree with Robyn about the taste. Cathy your a character. You had me rollin on this one. Both of you are funny. Great review ladies, even tho twizzlers are too sweet for me

  11. Key Lime Pie was first made in a little bake shop right smack at the mid point of Marathon Key, Florida heading North out of the Keys back into the mainland. I lived there 7 months on a work project back in 1985 but have only been down as far as Key Largo since then so I cannot say for sure that they are still there.

  12. I just got back from Miami last night. I didn't eat a Publix Key Lime Tart or Guava pastry. Omg, I'm gonna go look for these Twizzlers. Love ya! Cute video 🙂

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