Today for fast food Friday food reviews I try out the all new KFC Triple Bacon Burger ! Lets see what’s in it, how much it is and give it a taste test!
Greg’s Kitchen

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  1. My favourite Colonel Kentucky Cluck'n'Chuck burger was the Zinger Works: Zinger fillet, bacon, slice of pineapple, lettuce, and mayo. And the bastards deleted it from range.

    Thanks for all your entertaining videos, Greggo. All the best to thee and thine from me and mine for Brianmas and on into 2018.


    a.k.a. UncleGweilo

  2. That's what I do – get a mayo packet, a mustard packet and ketchup packet and mix them together for dipping my chicken in. or fries/chips, or just about anything from fast food.

  3. I guessed you were going to give it an 8.3 – … it was close! That burger’s off the menu as of Jan 1st so I should try it soon.

  4. i had a horrible Christmas greg. But hearing your voice makes me feel good. sometimes i catchs myself singing in my head while doing the dishes …this is greg's kitchen were the food is finger licking ohyeah . i sing that in my head . im from holland your getting views from everywere .

  5. So ive been an avid watcher of youtube since the 2006 days and this is the VERY first time ive ever subscribed to someone on this site. Quality content mate

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