Meat and Potato Pies are quite traditional in Northern England, and especially in Lancashire. While it wouldn’t pass muster with the clean/healthy eating brigade, a meat and potato pie is perfect comfort food on a cold winter evening. One legendary brand of Potato and Meat Pies is Hollands Pies. Hollands have made pies in Lancashire since 1851, and their pies are sold in chip shops and at football matches across the North of England. In this video, I do a quick taste test of a Holland’s Pie, and then I make my own meat and potato pie from scratch. It’s quite easy and utterly delicious.

The written recipe is here:

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  1. Thank you for another lesson on hot water pastry. It's definitely not something you hear about on this side of the pond.

    Practice makes perfect.

  2. The Hollands pie pastry might have been improved had it been heated in the oven as opposed to the microwave, very little hope for the grey gunk filling.

  3. Top video! Wish I could eat all these creations but Doc says my B/P has to be 120/70. Oh well.

  4. Sorry keef but your attempt at a lancashire accent was a fail, you say it as it would be written, gerem int thoven, great looking pies tho will definitely try these thanks.

  5. Hi keefy i,m a new subscriber to your channel and must say i likes what i see good food dished up with a good dollop of humour , have you ever had a go at homebrewing i,m a very keen home brewer myself and thought may be the other lads and lassies may like to see you do a brew ,nothing to complicated just a kit and if you likes it you could move on to more advanced brewing , a good investment to around £12 for 40 pints of beer compareing to what pubs charge . just a thought , thanks for a great channel look forward to seeing more of your videoes , thanks Ivan

  6. Thanks for making the Meat and Potato Pies, they're on next week's menu. Ah! good old mushy peas, I remember my Grandmar, Mam and Mother-in-Law soaking the dried marrowfat peas overnight, along with the tablet included in the packet, before cooking. A lot of messing about granted, but what a taste, yummy!

  7. they are a lot different now days Keef mate . Coopers English bitter kit or their IPA will make a very good pint, crystal clear, white frothy head around 4 1/2 abv. Wilcos do a very good line in beer kits also , their own brand is good too , the secret to it all is everything sparking clean and sterilised and giving it time to mature (about six weeks after its bottled). Thanks Ivan

  8. I am absolutely going to give this a go soon. Gotta upgrade my oven first though. Haha~

    My current one isn't so nice, and doesn't bake reliably over 200C

  9. that texture of that thing was nasty looking; as if it had been regurgitated by a penguin or some bird of some kind feeding its young in tge nest

  10. i just realised keef, i got married 40 years ago next june, our reception was meat n potato pie peas and gravy with onions at the local pub, wife has never forgot it, cant think why except she mustve enjoyed it.

  11. Keef, I have a challenge for you! can you make a Traditional Scottish black bun, the last one I had was about 60 years ago when I left home (I'm a Scot. lol)  Its shaped much like a gala pie, pastry all around and filled with dried fruits and spices. here's hoping.

  12. Those pies look perfect!

    Hollands pies are terrible, scrag end of dog seems to be the meat they use. Does anyone remember Tindale and Stanton pies from the Tyneside area? They used to get slagged off too, but when we were younger they were the bees knees! Ginsters are also another pie manufacturer to be avoided unless you yearn for gristle and sinew in your pasties.
    Keef, you use the hot water pastry after cooling in the fridge, most of the recipes online say you need to use it hot, why is this? Confusing! I am going to try your hot crust pastry but before I give it a go, is it similar to the sort of pastry that is used on British Pork pies or is it softer? Cheers!

  13. Hi Keef! Thank you very much for the effort. What a wonderful video. Excellent quality! Both the pies and the show.

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