Hey guy’s, l thought l would start doing some product reviews of different smaller or single food items, be them chocolates, chips, cookies, side items, whatever is new on the market to see what they look like, how they taste, how much they are etc. What l am trying today is the new McDonald’s Salted Caramel Pie. I’m really keen to try one out so lets go and buy one and see what it tastes like! This could be the longest I have ever had to wait in a drive through! I hope you enjoy todays food review 😀

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  1. Greg, it's unfortunate the pie is so shitty. Macca's has like an online panel (The Maccas Playground, which I registered for) and every few weeks they sus out new ideas for food items and see if people will buy them and for what price. Only thing is everyone would have said "FUCK YEAH GIMME A SALTED CARAMEL PIE" not knowing how it would taste.

  2. So funny. No worries? You are at McDonald's — there are many worries!!!! A moment is a few seconds. It was 100 moments you waited. This was probably the safest item you ate from there — it should be like lava hot. Laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tastes like medicine. I never had one of these pies. Your response, although very funny, tells me it was really bad. The greg-O meter is right — never fails. I trust it. Salty caramel is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! The apple one is better — no, I will not try that caramel thing. The crows might like to eat it, though. They eat anything. Just place it into your garden, stand at the window and wait for the crows to arrive. If they do not, do not worry. A possum will soon, and then, no worries.

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  4. according to the Tibetan monks there are 632,457 mini-moments in a moment. and 632,457 moments in a second.

  5. This is a great video, I like the way you eat, makes me a little bit excited haha. 😀
    My Mum Paige likes your videos and even made me an egg sandwich but it wasn't as good as yours.
    Love from Jameson.

  6. i live in canada and here mcdonalds has 2 windows and they tell u what window to go to. and only 1 ordering station

  7. Greg, I’ve let you down. Normally I always trust you… and I am one of those people who LOVES salted caramel and i didn’t believe your review… until I tried it for myself… I’m so sorry Greg. I will never not believe you ever again

    love you greg

  8. Australian McDonald's still deep fry their apple pies? NICE
    Anyone who thinks McDonald's food is or should be healthy is delusional.

  9. You want to know the time measurement of a moment? No worries, just hang on a moment and I'll get that for you…. 😛

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