Easy Low Carb Chicken Pot Pie! Need a quick and easy weeknight meal? Let’s find out if Carbquick Baking Mix makes a suitable alternative to traditional chicken pot pie.

We make one of the flagship recipes found on the back of the Carbquick box for Turkey Pot Pie. We substituted chicken thighs for the turkey and used steamed broccoli for the vegetable. Find out how it turned out, and hear our final Carbquick Review as well!





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  1. My husband recently discovered your channel and we are enjoying it very much. I'm no fan of CarbQuick because of the wheat, but you aren't being fair to them regarding serving size. They aren't manipulating the serving size to get 2g net carbs. The serving size is 32g. If you look at wheat flour the serving size is right around that. So they are using a standard serving size on the nutrition panel.

    Now, whether that is an average or reasonable serving is a different matter. The new nutrition guidelines that are coming out call for companies to change their nutrition data panels to better reflect what people actually eat. Think on the fact that a standard serving of pasta is 2oz dry. Most adults are going to eat 2-4 times that amount, depending on what else they are eating with their spaghetti.

  2. Unfortunately, carbquick raises my blood glucose levels. It does make an acceptable pizza crust for grilling, though! (We just use the fathead dough now)

  3. Love ya…Love your honesty but I will pass this one by because I have difficulty with gaining when I eat something like this.  Love the bagels, they turn out great, a little flate but they work for a sandwich.  Can not make the bread.  Thank you Blessings.

  4. We love watching you. You are unbiased, honest & entertaining. Do you think the Quick Carb could be used to make a roux for gumbo? Like a brick colored roux? Do you think it would hold up to a long baking time?

  5. In my experience with Carbquik, it is far better flavored than plain. The drop biscuits are rather blah. They also definitely underestimate serving size. I've used it as a quick and dirty thickener/binder for the times I just throw proteins and veggies into a pan and cook it up, and that works very nicely.

  6. I am so glad I found your channel! I am from the south as well and watching you is like hanging in the kitchen with my brother! You do your research and are honest about what you try. I love the comparison videos too. I am a fan!

  7. I made the sausage and cheese biscuits with it and turned out amazing. Maybe because of the fat content..they were not dry. Perfect. No one in the family knew they were low carb. Lol

  8. going to make that I forgot what I made before with the QC stuff but it was horrible and the box is still n the cabinet lol

  9. You are hilarious…Please keep making low carb videos, I'm on keto and I'm running out of recipes ideas…Thanks for the chuckle!

  10. Great video. I tried CarbQuik once for battering onion rings and it failed miserably. Might have to try this recipe.
    Have you considered doing a review/challenge with the Atkins frozen meals? I'm a big fan of the Atkins Chicken Margherita frozen dinner, but I would rather make it myself. Just don't know how.

  11. I bought this one time several years ago, made one thing with it, threw that one thing away along with the rest of the box. Yack!!! LOL!!!

  12. I looked at the directions, and decided to improvise. I never could get an exact recipe from my mom cause she just threw stuff together…. I made biscuits for the first time today from carbquik. I didnt even measure. I put a medium sized bowl of carbquik poured milk and put an egg in it. Mixed it to a stiff batter. Put dry carbquik on the counter to keep it from sticking and turned the mixture out on it and kneaded it. I dont do drop biscuits. I patted it out and cut big biscuits out of it. They took longer than 10 minutes…. maybe even 20 or 30 on 350 and put some butter on them and they were good. I didnt like them as much as traditional southern biscuits…. which my mom taught me how to make but they were good. Also you can make your biscuits any size you want just keep an eye on them in the oven. When they are a little firm to the touch and a little brown on top they are done.

  13. Yes I use Carbquik as a regular staple to my Low Carb/Keto Pantry. Adding Sweetener for dessert recipes and Onion Powder or Cheese for Savory recipes takes that off taste it has.

  14. Wow. What a coincidence. I just bought a box of this and made a chicken pot pie last night. I got so sick and my blood sugar shot way up. Boo. I should have known. It's filled with wheat and gluten.

  15. 10 people come over for dinner and I set that little casserole dish in the middle of the table and announce Bon appetit! Someone's gonna come after me with their fork!

  16. I would rather have a mince pie with cauli mash and cheddar cheese topping.  This product is too much of a gimmick.

  17. I follow a few different keto and health channels. I really enjoy your humor and you're one of the more engaging personalities doing this type of channel. I also love the multi recipe face-offs you do, not many people do many of those. So, thanks for risking your health for my benefit!

  18. Ingredients matter. Carbquik has wheat, soy, canola oil, and a host of other ingredients I would never include in my Keto lifestyle. I'd prefer to make a cream sauce using cream cheese, stock, glucomannan, my own veggies and chicken, and top with Kristie's miracle biscuits!

  19. I bought Carbquik & the first thing I made were biscuits as well. I don’t know if you had the same experience as me, but mine were super bland & they seemed as though it had little bits of plastic in it. (I know it wasn’t plastic, but that’s the texture it gave off). I never touched it again after that. Lmao!

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