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Blogger, Runner, Electro Producer, Man of Winter, Syndicate Aggregator. Never swallow watermelon seeds, they grow inside you.


  1. The modern rogue, a neat channel on youtube made themselves some prison booze and determined it to not be worth the risk of fatal bacteria, And they are well versed in alcohol… so i would reccomend not doing that one, or atleast not tasting it….and not in your home…lots of bugs

  2. Always love when you talk about where you live. I grew up in Connecticut and frequently took holidays to the Rhode Island coast. I’ve since moved to Atlanta and love it here, but your brief comments on the North East sometimes remind me of growing up! I’ve been a fan for years and I appreciate your ongoing efforts. Happy holidays Emmy!

  3. Remember that when you celebrate Thanksgiving, you celebrate the massacre of millions of Native Americans. Teach yourself and your family that. Its a dumb ass holiday. Would you be ok celebrating on the anniversary of the Holocaust?

  4. I actually like your live streams, even though they are longer than your other videos, which I really don't mind. They're so genuine and uplifting. And they're also probably easier for you to upload since you don't have to edit them. Maybe it's because I'm used to watching live streams but I don't find it distracting or annoying when you're thanking your viewers. I find it refreshing how humble and happy you get to receive a donation! All these negative comments will probably influence you in some way, so maybe editing your lives would solve some problems? Or thank all your donators at the end! You can't please everyone, but as long as your content makes you happy that's what matters.

  5. Hi emmy…I noticed your glasses keep slipping. Same thing happens to me. I carried it back and they fix the hanndle better..and it stop slipping.. maybe you coyld try it. Sweaty nose always make it slip more. Lol.. love you emmy

  6. Emmy,
    Did I hear you say Rhode Island??
    I was born there and come from Cranston!
    You should do an episode of Rhode Island cuisine.

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