Tasting Mystery Oreo to see my f I can figure out the flavor, along with a couple of new Japanese KitKats.

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  1. 1:30 All contests, at least in the US, have to be "no purchase necessary". Otherwise it's considered a lottery and only the government can run a lottery.

  2. That's a lot of Kitkat flavours. I've only had he green tea flavour that a colleague brought back from Japan.

  3. The mystery Oreo flavor is just outright nasty. Yuck. I had to throw away the entire container of them. I know what flavor it is, but I'm not going to say on here only because I think people should taste it for themselves.

  4. Yes, the Oreo is cloyingly sweet with a horrible floral aftertaste that's not present in the cereal that it represents. I will say that it's most definitely not the Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles flavor, though. I did a full side by side taste test with at least 7 different fruity cereals and I found the cereal that it is. Believe me, the actual cereal definitely tastes better than the Oreo center, where they over-concentrated the flavor and which the creme center leaves a yuck aftertaste. It's also a flavor that does not go well with the chocolate cookie. In fact, they should have wrapped it in the vanilla cookie or even the graham cracker cookie instead.

    In fact, I popped out the center of that nasty Apple Pie Oreo and tossed it. Then, I placed the mystery creme center into the Apple Pie Graham cookie outside. That tastes so much better. But, the flavor is still over-concentrated. If the flavor were toned down to about half of what it is now, it wouldn't be half bad sandwiched with the Graham flavored cookies.

    Maybe Oreo should put together a Beanboozled-like game with its Oreo creme centers. Some can be the real flavor and some can be yucky tasting. They're heading in that direction really fast.

  5. Maybe its frankenberry or Booberry? It's IS the season for them and oreo generally releases holiday flavors. Like peeps on Easter and the pop rock ones for 4th of July. Only thing that throws me is Oreos are made by Nabisco and the monster cereals are maybe by General Mills and I don't think they'd use one of their biggest competator.

    Also, just because it's a different brand doesn't mean they are competitors. So for example a Nabisco Oreo may use a Post product because they are under one larger umbrella company

  6. Late to the party, missed the stream, but I'd say maybe fruity pebbles for the mystery Oreo? Seeing as post has partnered with Nabisco to bring back Oreo O's it couldn't be that far of a stretch to say they might go the other way and do a cereal flavored Oreo? Just a guess, though

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