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Key Lime Pie Popsicles:

No-Bake Key Lime Pie:

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  1. Made ‘em this Morning. Served tonight for dessert. They were outstanding!!!. My wife loved them! Thanks Laura.

  2. I have loved everything you make! Is this your real kitchen or just a cooking for youtube kitchen?

  3. As a diabetic, this video is like pure food porn for me.
    But you'll always be my fave YouTube cook Laura.

  4. laura please help i tried whisking the mixer bt it ddnt turn to stiff peaks even after like 10 minutes where did i go wrong n how long was i supposed to whisk the mixer

  5. I'm going to try out this recipe soon. By the way .. your cream puff/eclair recipe is the best!. Thank you!

  6. Do you and hubby eat all of the baking that you make?
    If so how do you stay so slim?

  7. My neighbor has a key lime tree – gives me a bag full anytime I ask…. used them to make this dessert and it was fabulous! So easy and fun to do! Delicious treat

  8. Laura, you need to know that for the past 2 years I have been making your dessert recipes on almost a weekly bases on Saturdays for a soup kitchen (Beamsville Ontario Canada) Today I made this recipe and it was a hit (again) I have neen recommending your chanel to the guests that come out to the soup kitchen. I would like to take the credit for the yummy desserts, but my dear Laura, you are the star of the day. Keep those recipes comming, we count on you!!!!

  9. i laughed at Laura's saying you're going to be the talk of the town. i am happy that her hands are never hurt by boiling oil, cuts and grimes.

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