New Orleans Native Charlie Andrews demonstrates on how to make Sweet Potato Casserole. This recipe serves about 4 people. It’s my Sweet Potato pie recipe without eggs and it is topped with a Buttery Cinnamon Pecan brown sugar topping. Absolutely delicious! Hope you all will give this recipe a try!

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  1. Charlie I just wanted to say, Yours! Yours! Yours! Is the best looking sweet potato casserole on YouTube, that topping tops all the rest, most looks to thin and flimsy, that’s what makes the casserole good from jump street.
    Couldn’t I just bake the potatoes instead of boiling and putting them into an ice bath? That’s too much work for me, I need to modify because I suffer with an autoimmune disorder, trying to keep things down to a minimum would be ideal. Thank you!

  2. im cooking tgiving dinner this year. i want to do everything from scratch. charlie, can you do a video on homemade gravy? thanks!

  3. Heyyy thanks for the reply. I sure will let know. I know it will turn out good with all those yummy combinations. Lol mouth is watering now. And I will try out your other recipes as well

  4. Beautiful presentation. You are a master instructor. Very clear and precise in your directions. Great tip for extracting the fibers out of the potatoes to get a perfect puree. All of the detail you include leaves thing to chance and assures success.

  5. I've watched every video about sweet potatoe pie…. But I'm sticking with your method!!! It looks so good!!! Representing!!!!

  6. Hilarious, I just made this dish yesterday for Thanksgiving. I got the recipe when I went to Ruth Chis Steakhouse some years ago, and its delicious. I had a lot of sweet potato pie filling left over from making my pies, so I decided to use the remaining batter and add the Butter brown sugar topping, and as usual, its fantastic. Funny…my daughter wont eat sweet potato pie but she will eat the sweet potato casserole. I laugh every time Charlie hits the table, usually its one maybe two times, but its was I think 4 times for this dish!!! I laugh so much when I see him do it, his camera shakes and everything. Charlie, do you have a family that you share your food with, I'm not trying to get in your personal life, however I don't believe you eat all that food by yourself since you appear to be in shape.. Anyway…. everyone please have a safe and happy holiday season. God Bless !!

  7. Charlie you are truly a blessing my mom made hers without eggs also and we are from New Orleans also she's been gone since a year before Katrina and I have always told my sister's that she didn't use eggs I tried it your way and yes!!!! That's it!!! Luvy duvy you baby boi fo sure!!!!!

  8. I have got to make a sweet potato casserole for my GOD daughter. I believe she will love your recipe. She did like make mine. I will follow your instruction! THANKS!!

  9. Looks good another version that would be good is using a butternut squash. I also bake my sweet potato to concentrate the natural sugar in the taters.

  10. Something I've always wondered… Is the sweet potato casserole considered a side dish or dessert??? There's an AQ Chicken house here that serves the casserole as a side dish (looks more like mashed sweet potatoes because there's no topping) and a creamed spinach that I Loooooooove!

  11. Mr. Charlie I made a sweet potato pie last year and my family through it away and said it was garbage. Not this year because I found your channel. I followed this recipe but I also used pie crust. My family loved my sweet potato pie this year and now I have to make four sweet potato pies this Christmas. You are so awesome. I binged watch your videos. I believe I can cook now because I follow your directions and my sister is jealous. She wants to be the only person to cook in the family. Your my little secret. Love you!

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