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Blogger, Runner, Electro Producer, Man of Winter, Syndicate Aggregator. Never swallow watermelon seeds, they grow inside you.


  1. Semi-homemade!!! I cracked up on that comment!!! Did he just drop the camera in the dough??? I'm having a good time watching you and your family!! Blessings from Virginia ☺️

  2. Love you Soulful t. It seems like I can smell all of your delicious foods in my house just watching your channel wishing I could be one of your taste tester, lol….!!! Thank you for the Southern Sweet Potatoe Pie tutorial!!!

  3. Did this pie today. It's the first homemade thing I've ever done, and it was totally worth it. Thank you so much; it tastes wonderful! ^.^

  4. Soulful T I love your recipes and know that you are very popular and have watched almost all of your videos. Please do not loose your roots the more popular that you get. I loved you with your scarf, burnt pans, dish towel hanging on the stove and eyeballing your ingrediants. That is real meaningful cooking with becoming part of this commercial world and that's Soulful Cooking

  5. I just love that you cook from scratch. Just think you may want to consider using a spoon or some utensil when sampling while cooking. It appears unsanitary with fingers dipping into foods.

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