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The author Elizabeth

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  1. Why you watching me, watch the pancake!!! I LOVE it too FUNNY!!!! LOL! The pancakes look so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Those pancakes looks so good and I do mean soooo good I love pancakes I do not like blueberries I tried them once I couldn't take the the texture of them but I do love pancakes and those look delicious just saying

  3. Thanks for sharing I'm on my way over to your next video I have not seen them all yet but I'm trying I'm going to watch the one where you making a sweet potato pie I do know how to make them but I'm going to watch you make yours thanks for sharing just saying

  4. Have you try coco geravey and biscuits really awsome, just make your geravey as you would and add cup of coco powder and add cup and half of suger, the geravey has to be still cooking while adding this, and pour your geravey over your biscuit, just add to your taste,

  5. They look so yummy. Yes, the camera is often on you and you are pretty, but I like to see what you doing/cooking also. =)

  6. Your looking beautiful as always MammaT, we love you guys, and Brandon your so funny, those videos wouldn't be the same without you in them razzing your Mamma……OMG, those pancakes look so good ….. AND ….Now I want pancakes!!!! Your the best!!!
    Cheers from Nova Scotia the Blueberry capital of the world…we love our blue berries.


  7. Looks delishous, except don't use non-stick cookware and plastic spatulas……they are toxic, and can lead to cancer! Use stainless steal instead.

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