If you want less calories in your omelette – leave out the egg yolks! An egg white omelette is still delicious and I had to try it out for myself. Hope you enjoy this very simple recipe of mine, you can add pretty much whatever you like to your omelette so have fun experimenting. Let me know what you put in yours in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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This video was edited by Matthew Hoare

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  1. Made my first omlette this morning. Absolutely ruinned it. Should of watched this before I start BUT NOOOOO!!! I had to be a hero. Now look at me, Im eating it from a bowl.

  2. the dietary cholesterol from egg yolks have not been proven to contribute to serum cholesterol in our blood. please don't spread false facts.

  3. That was quick and shockingly easy! I have to try this sometime. Two things; 1.what do you plan to do with the yolks and 2. how exactly did you separate them from the whites.
    If I ever tried it I'm afraid I'll make a dreadful mess of it.

  4. Thanks for the video; your omelet looked tasty! I like tomatoes, cheese, onions, and cilantro in mine.

  5. Awesome video tutorial. For years I've been putting the onions and tomatoes after the egg. I'll give this a shot and see if it turns out better.

  6. Thanks for the video!! Looks so tasty and lean. I like Avocados a lot also. Other things I would add would be potatoes and some jack cheese for me.

  7. An avocado baked egg the morning before this would be perfect. I now know what to use the extra egg whites and scooped out avocado for! Thank you so much, it looks amazing!

  8. You can use an empty water bottle to "suck" the egg-yolks out of the rest of it. Just point, squeeze bottle, release. The egg-yolk should just go in.

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