Join us as we share our technique for baking a Key Lime Pie in a Dutch Oven. Dutch Oven Dessert at it’s finest. This is a Easy Dutch Oven Dessert. Key Lime Pie cooked outdoors by the Backwoods Gourmet.
Key Lime Pie originated as a use for sweetened condensed milk, since there was no place to graze cattle in the Florida Keys. They did not have access to fresh dairy in the days before the Overseas Highway. All of their milk came by rail on the Flagler Railroad and was canned. That is why we used Merange instead of Whipped Cream for the topping since the original settlers would not have had access to fresh cream. They did have plenty of chickens then as well as now.

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  1. Looks Damn good. Great recipe. I just learned how to make a pie I've always loved but never knew how to make it or what it consists of. Thanks for the knowledge.

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