The best way to break the fast after returning from the bewildering dream state journey you’ve just been on.

Maybe you want to try being vegan by slowly adjusting one meal at a time, hey thats cool!

Moral of the story is…eat fruit.
We have a sweet tooth for a reason and thats to encourage us to eat !

All seems so obvious there’s no secret tips to learn from this just SIMPLIFY!

Have as much as you want and enjoy all the different variety of flavours, textures, skin and flesh combos, juices etc. mmm

Love, Tim =]

p.s. do not blend vita coco cartons!

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The author Elizabeth

Blogger, Runner, Electro Producer, Man of Winter, Syndicate Aggregator. Never swallow watermelon seeds, they grow inside you.


  1. I love you Jamie but really did you just grind up the container of coconut water in your juice? Is that for the extra fibre or are you just out of it today? Perhaps you wanted to see if anyone would notice?? That is gross to eat the container in your juice all grinded up? YUK!

  2. Tetra pack in your smoothie… I mean I know it's vegan but all that bpa can't be good.. You're showing serious signs of mental instability m8.. Could it be the diet??

  3. I screamed when he started biting the bananas and throwing them in the bowl lmao, but great video! planning to get started with this vegan journey soon

  4. He: Don't have a knife?! No problem!*bites banana and spits into the bowl*
    me: Oh… Now I'm scared what would he do if he doesn't have blender… ;-;

  5. Nigga you are retarded lol! It's still inspiring though, I'm leaning towards the vegan side in my mind constantly. I need all the Vegan influences I can get. It's so shameful eating animals that I naturally love, but I do it, but like I said, I'm working on it. I'm pretty sure that animals are bad for our digestive system also. I mean seriously, we don't have the teeth of a carnivore!

  6. A Bee isnt an animal and if you get organic Honey the bees stay alive..Manuka Honey is expensive but so good for you

  7. I thought vegans don't eat animal products… they avoid Honey because it's made by bees… MARMITE is yeast is it not? Yeast is a single celled microorganism.. Marmite is definitely NOT a vegan product.

  8. i love your videos but your eat honey message is one of the reasons people think vegans are shady honey IS NOT VEGAN and shouldnt be eaten i would also question your kellogs product placement one of the worlds biggest consumers of round up which kills bees and pollinators

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