This classic British steak pie is a meal in itself. Tasty succulent beef in a rich meat gravy with a puff pastry crust to die for.

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  1. I really hope those dishes make a come back in trinidad too. That looks great what can i use in place of the beef i dont eat beef. Nice job by the way

  2. Way back when I was a meat eater and I'd visit London, I'd eat steak and kidney pies. This brings back those memories. Can you make some cornish pasties some time? That would be great!

  3. I'm 17 years old and I've started to take an interest in cooking; Lately, I've been making more sweet foods than savoury. I came across this video and used it as a tutorial to make my own steak pie. Me and my family enjoyed it so much, the pies were a bit smaller than I had hoped far as they seemed to shrink in the tins, apart from that, thank you!
    Also, for a video idea I think it would be awesome if you could make a rhubarb or apple pie?

  4. that's a English steak pie …. Scottish steak pies are totally different .. we use shoulder steak of beef , Scottish beef links and only a puff pastry lid …. we use a whole onion either finely chopped or whole … no other vegetable is used … we cook the beef links separately .. we only add them to the stew when they are cooked and the excess fat is washed from the sausages with hot water … you can either add the sausages whole or cut in half … the use of the whole onion is for the flavour lots of Scots don't like eating onions and most people just stew their beef and don't braise it …. i prefer to use a slow cooker to slow cook my shoulder of beef… btw i was a butcher when i was younger used to make 50 or 60 pies at a time on pie making day

  5. For a better result with the puff pastry, butter the tins before putting the puff pastry in and cook them blind for about 10 minutes. Then fill and put the lid on and back in the oven.

  6. Hey Pete loved your video on meat pie Would the bottom of the pie dough be crispier if you blindbaked it?More flavour, maybe a bay leaf in the gavy and a drop of tomato paste.Grew up in N Ireland,keep bringing the videos!

  7. 18:00 – My mum would always drain some of the watery meat-juice off to use when making the gravy, stir til smooth then add it back to the pot. Left over pastry scraps got rolled out to make a jam turnover and baked with the pie. A pot of custard went with it for pud. (just saying)

  8. These look so delicious. My wife gets home from over seas in 9 days. She loves British meat pies. I am going to surprise her and make this for her. Thank you so much for posting.

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