If you’re gonna learn how to cook ANY foodstuff; Alton Brown.
And if you already know potato chips; Alton Brown. Cause there’s a genius-deliciousness surprise at the very end.
Sincerest thank you to Scripps, Alton Brown & his crew for the food tv perfection that is Good Eats.

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  1. I'm watching a bunch of Alton Brown videos and I swear to god in every single one someone in the comments goes "Why not just buy a bag?" "Why not just throw it all into a slow cooker instead of x or y?" "Why not just do this or that?".

    Because the whole point is cooking it yourself and putting effort in it. I you want to be a lazy bum and eat something that takes the least amount of effort possible to prepare then just stick to buying takeout and frozen stuff :/

  2. Spanish Olive Oil is the best olive oil there is, so much that a lot of Italian brands buy it in bulk, put it on a nice bottle, and sell it for a HUGE margin. Spain is also the largest producer of olive oil in the world.

  3. watches a video teaching you how to cook food easily
    "why even bother, just go buy some pre-made"

    Why even bother watching a cooking video if you're going to advocate not-cooking it??

  4. Ok. So he wants me to use 2 quarts of Olive oil, of which by the way is about $3-$5. Why not just go buy a bag of chips for $2.50

  5. so…is that extra virgin, or not..? pretty important to specify, and…isn't it best to rinse away some of the starch?

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