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Getting High and Making a Breakfast Pizza | Brandin LaShea Featuring Sydney Maler | Pot Pie Trailer

Bell pepper sex, bull riding, bong-rig hybrids and weed popcorn that’ll knock you out for days—that’s how the conversation goes when model and social media star Sydney Maler joins host Brandin LaShea on Pot Pie.

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Sydney Maler, whom many know from the Travis Scott video “Don’t Play,” clearly loves cannabis as she dives right into the bong, rig and other goodies provided by Higher Standards. She also showcases her love for stoner food by bringing the ingredients to make a breakfast pizza. LaShea immediately figures out what her guest has in mind, and in making the pizza, the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef insists on adding “Mother Nature’s oregano” directly onto the pie. The end result is absolutely delicious.

In one of the more informative episodes for would-be cooks, LaShea notes, “This is a super quick, easy dish to make when you’re super high and you have the munchies.”

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