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Hi Bold Bakers! If you liked my Best-Ever Brownies and Best-Ever Banana Bread, then get ready for my incredible Best-Ever Pecan Pie recipe. It features a buttery, flaky crust, toasted pecans and a caramel-like center. So let’s get baking!

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  1. Giiirl yes get that paid promo! Also, never heard of maple syrup in pecan pie. I’ve always used corn syrup. Looks yummy

  2. Hi Mrs. Stafford! Just wanted to ask if I can replace the pecans with another nut because my family doesn't actually like pecans, except for me!

  3. This pie was so easy to make and soo delicious!!! And I love that you used maple syrup instead of corn syrup because it's hard to find here and not really great for you. So when you maked something with corn syrup, can you say all the substitutes possible please?

  4. We dont celebrate thanksgiving in the UK and pies generally arent particularly big here either so its quite hard to get your hands on pecan pie unless you make it yourself so i think i'll have to use this recipe and bake my own because it looks amazing.

  5. I decided to make this recipe because everytime using corn syrup it makes my pies extremely sweet, but using this recipe as well as her pie crust recipe it came out amazing.. Definitely the best pecan pie recipe I have come across!!! Especially for the holiday season

  6. amazing! Gemma, could you make best ever pumpkin pie? cause as I live in Brazil, i never tried and i was searching for the best version of this recipe, so i can try and share in my instagram 😉

  7. Hi quick question…do you need to defrost the pie crust b4 you pour the filling in and bake it?(if u did freeze the crust) x

  8. hi Gemma…. I just had a nice video Idea…. cooking oie in the microwave… I tried to cook the filling in the microwave and it turns out perfect…. I hope you enjoy my Idea.. I love you so much

  9. This looks amazing, im definitely making it as one of the Christmas deserts this year. I was wondering will you be doing other Christmas recipes this year? Id love to see a festive Cheesecake! Lots of love from Northern Ireland!

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