Kicked Up Food Truck Hot Pockets! Have you tried them? Are they any better than a regular hot pocket? Are they any good? Would you eat it? Watch and see!


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  1. Another thing I've noticed is that some of my "Watch Later" videos mysteriously disappear from day to day without me even logging in? Anyone else?

  2. Real easy DIY Hot Pockets.  1 pack of Pillsbury Crescent rolls or pie crust.  One rolling fin.  1 egg mixed to be used as glue, fork, Hillshire Farm lunch meat, cheese, optional marinara or spaghetti sauce.  Roll out dough and make the result twice as long as needed.  Add filling to lower half. Fold over other half and trim.  Get egg and apply to inner bit of crust then use the fork to seal everything up.  Repeat as often as you can.  Brush each creation with remaining egg and bake per Pillsbury instructions.  You can make 4-6 of these for less than the cost of a pre-made Hot Pocket.

  3. Great and funny review! Once in a blue moon I'll buy a box of Hot Pockets but thanks to your review, for "Us The People" I may just pass on these.

  4. I really don't understand why Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls and the like don't have instructions for the best way to cook them. They used to have said instructions when I was a kid, but they removed them from the packaging at some point. I am referring to the cooking method of deep-fat frying. I cannot recommend deep-fat frying your Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls enough.. the flavor and texture is FAR superior when cooked this way. Have you ever tried cooking them in that way?

  5. Should I watch this while I’m eating? Eh what the hell. I love your What Are We Eating series so much. You’re the only YouTube channel I support!

  6. The music has sounds like a dog barking. I had to stop the video when you were katsuing it to see what my neighbor's dog was barking at. Thanks, Trump.

  7. I gotta give a recommendation. Wanna try a somewhat healthy cup noodles? Look for “cup noodles very veggie” chicken or beef flavor. I wanna see what you think of it. Great as always, Larry!

  8. I can imagine wiping my ass the next day and finding those peppers on the tissue looking exactly the same as they went in.

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