Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday: Weekend Edition! Weekends are for fun food. Am I right? In this episode, I try The Viet Vegan’s blueberry pancakes recipe and as much of the lunch menu at SaVeg Cafe as I could in one sitting. SaVeg Cafe is a new vegan eatery in Calgary, Alberta, co-owned by Rose Lee, AKA Cheap Lazy Vegan!


Blueberry Pancakes video:

Blueberry Pancakes blog post + recipe:

Cheap Lazy Vegan’s SaVeg Mukbang:

SAVEG CAFE (located inside Heaven’s Fitness)
637 11 AVENUE SW,
T2R 0E1

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  1. I love listening to you and your sense of humor. I watch your cooking channel for smiles :))
    I have recently became good at eating leftovers. Whatever my family hasn’t finished, homemade or takeout becomes my meal for the week. Today, it’s Punjab eggplant (by Tasty Bites, it’s so good). Yesterday, was stir fried curry noodles and Mapo tofu. Looking forward to your next video!

  2. Big mistake! I watched this video without eating and now I'm drooling and I'm hungry! I'm gonna go and work on some waffle recipes now because I like have my own (and eat those waffles too, of course 🙂 )

  3. Really enjoyed this, especially your in-depth tour of Rose's restaurant. So glad it's doing well! Wish it were near me so I could go every day : ) TFP, Mary!

  4. I just noticed that the bell wasn't rung anymore? Hmm, so I clicked on it again. I'm going to be making the pancakes in the morning. I made GF Blueberry Muffins a couple of days ago and was kinda please with them. 🙂

  5. Handing out restaurant recipes is a good idea. I go to a restaraunt so someone will cook for me, serve me, and wash up for me. Even if I can make it a home, I still want to go out. So, I followed rose’s recipe for tofu, and it is great. Now I want to find someone to make it for me.

  6. Last weekend i was craving korean seaweed soup w/ those cube radish kimchi so I made a huge pot. As always i veganize it coz didn’t feel like chewing beef or seafood. I use my korean multi cooker to make lots of veggie broth and use some for my soup. I also made your donut recipe but forgot to take a pic to post on instagram. I will try your pancake recipe in my brand new silicone japanese pancake mold. As always I love your what i ate videos, keep em coming as your hands allow Mary

  7. I was just thinking about making pancakes because I have a bunch of overripe bananas so that's definitely gonna happen now. Also, that house special with the sweet potato sounds soooo good! I love how supportive you are of this restaurant, it sounds wonderful. AND verrrry excited for the hot for food cookbook review!! aah!

  8. As someone who never had maple syrup until going vegan, I can agree with you 100%. Taste is way better than anything else out there, I am a maple syrup lover forever. lol

  9. I made those pancakes last weekend too…several times. Actually, that's pretty much the only thing I ate over the weekend 😉

  10. Mommy Tang introduced me to potato starch noodles on her channel. They are so good! I have one bundle left in my pantry. I SHOULD MAKE THEM FOR DINNER!!!!!

  11. No cinnamon does not help regulate blood sugar and any evidence of that is anecdotal. Also cinnamon taken in large amounts usually in tablet form can damage the liver. People have got to stop believing that cinnamon aides in normalizing blood sugar! Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science

  12. However, real cinnamon taste yummy! 🙂 I mean Ceylon cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, no cassia bark calling itself cinnamon.

  13. Eyyy…… I see whiskers there aweee…. I love cats ! By the way I tried the eggplant recipe and had leftover as well. This a keeper am gonna make this as frequent as I can =P . That pancakes looks delish man gotta try that on my day off !! Maple syrup is the best ^_^v

  14. Those pancakes look absolutely amazing! My Saturday was a busy blur and food was just a boring afterthought unfortunately

  15. Thank you for a wonderful idea this time too!
    I think I will make it at once!
    Handmade is the best! Healthy as well! Naturally also!

  16. SOoooo cool that you can go to Rose's cafe… and glad to know it's doing well.. SO JEALOUS that i can't go and eat all the yummy food !

  17. i also had pancakes! beside that i had spinach and tofu pie, pizza, caprese salad with vegan feta cheese and a lot of fruit ♥

  18. Last weekend I went to The Chicago Diner, which is a vegetarian diner with vegan options for every menu selection. Their vegan shakes are bomb and I tried their vegan poutine for the first time and idk how you do vegan poutine north of the border but this shit was incredible

  19. I'll certainly try the pancakes, I'm quite curious. I love pancakes but I haven't tried a truly convincing vegan pancakes recipe yet.

  20. I need to go to Alberta to try out that bagel and all that really good food, what's the name of the place again? This weekend I had pancakes as well. I reinvented my lentil tomato stew by adding potatoes, makes it so much more filling. I had that with some rice on the side. I may upload it on youtube someday. I had banana on peanutbutter toast and some tea. Now I'm going to make myself a strawberry salad with sesame seeds 🙂 one of my favourites.

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