This is how it goes with Sunny and Steely every morning.
Steely gets pretty fed up with all the harassment.

thanks for watching.

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  1. ha ha ha…I'm only up to a minute and a half in the video and I'm laughing at the little guy going nuts. Just leaping about. And to great heights. He used to play with those cats, leaping like that. Good grief.

  2. We if you got another puppy that was the same way is steely, I mean a young one to where the young ones could play together, just wondering thank you so much for always making me laugh

  3. yeah, a young fella to play with Sunny would be good, perhaps Steely can get some rest. i have cats, and the young one Misha aka Miss Fuzzybutt harasses the old one Samantha Jo, but she also gives it right back! Misha is a Japanese Burmilla Mix, and is smaller than Samantha Jo who is a Siamese Mix.

  4. I get the biggest kick out of your dogs Pepe looks like he understands every word you are saying. He is so serious about his conversation about Sunny. I laugh myself so hard nand as pepe keeps talking-he said het finally bit Sunny, Your dogs are precious

  5. Poor Steeley ….i feel for you…. cause i am "Oliver the cat "And i have to put up with a boncy bulldog called Dolly @i feel for you …you go tell him off he needs putting in his place xxx

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