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TWO 10-MINUTE RECIPES for SPRING! Hi Bold Bakers! My two new recipes are ready in minutes and are packed with flavor and decadence. Enjoy my 10-Minute Key Lime Pie and BONUS 10-Minute Chocolate Mousse Recipe! So let’s get Bold Baking!

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  1. hey it seem so delicious ….. ill definitely try this….gemma can u prepare video on multigrain croissants….just love ur videos <3<3<3

  2. I made this Gemma! I tried on a test run and omg it was so delicious. I'm gonna make it again for a gathering in another two weeks. It's definitely a show stopper 😀

  3. God Gemma you are great !!!!!! You come up with the most delicious and tempting recipes…….Lots of love to you from INDIA and also a huge thanks to you for inspiring me and the people around the world to bake all good stuffs.

  4. Hello Gemma, what a lovely pie! I as you enjoy making a generous pie with a thick crust. This gorgeous pie was Simplicity itself! I mean that not only in the preparation, but anyone that I would prepare this pie for would be thinking oh what a lovely pie, but I bet it packs a punch of flavor. You did your little happy dance LOL that is always a giveaway that something is extra tasty. I must confess I have never tried a key lime pie. But now I am craving one madly LOL. This was such a fun video because of the wonderful recipe but also because I have a slight addiction to baking tools and this was choc filled with such lovely things to help me achieve my bigger baking goals! XO

  5. Hi Gemma, I was thinking about adding some gelatine for a more firmer consistency, what do you thnk? 1 or 2 tsp will be ok?

  6. Can anyone tell me how I can use agar agar in cheesecakes. There's no gelatine in our place so please help.

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