Dollar Tree $1.00 Italian Cheese Ravioli! That’s right, a big bag of cheese ravioli that will will serve 2-3 people for only $1.00. But how do they taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!


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  1. I think you honestly need to expand your horizon… We kinda know everything at dollar tree isn’t going to taste good…☹️

  2. I've always found it weird how low quality his videos are (editing wise), yet his personality just keeps pulling me back in. His down to earth southern jokes get me everytime. I love it.

  3. I like you wolfe pit guy.. i dont usually like vids like these and tend to poke fun.. but not you ..i take what you do serious and enjoy it… thank you for them

  4. I tried Hannaford brand cheese ravioli once. It was absolutely disgusting. I have a hard time imagining this isn't even worse. Either way, I am never buying frozen ravioli again.

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