Pumpkin Pie

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie ~ How to Make a Homemade Pumpkin Pie ~ Thanksgiving Recipe

Join Amy as she makes a Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie. This pie is perfect for Thanksgiving because it can be made either with dairy milk or dairy free. It is great for Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is the classic Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie with a twist because you can make it nondairy. I topped it with some dairy free whipped cream. You will never know that it doesn’t have dairy!

Amy’s Pie Crust:

Emile Henry Pie Dish – White:

Emile Henry Modern Classic Pie Dish:

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  1. Oh that looks really delicious Amy, I have never had a pumpkin pie before and I too don't eat dairy. Happy thanksgiving to you and Eric xxx

  2. sloops really good. Pumpkin is not my fav. it this looks so good and the way your house smells while it’s baking is sos so great! It figures Eric would try and nose in but I BUESS i would too! hahaha Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  3. Amy is this type of pumpkin pie an acquired taste? Out of necessity I am now dairy free and of course I love dairy pumpkin pie. Thanks for introducing this alternative…I think.:)

  4. Hi Amy. Love your show. If you dust some instant tapioca on the pie shell before putting in the filling the bottom will stay crispy. Happy turkey!

  5. i cant wait! many of we survivors are told to go ketogenic. Truth is we eat what ever works!, my oldest friends on the planet are now survivors too and she's no lactose, so substitutes are just almond or soy or rice milk subsitutes. Pumpkin is one of the healthiest living foods on the planet. Here's my favorite share for all you've shared w/us: i buy whole local pumkins (wee bit different species than USA),cut the top like jack o lantern, scoop out the seeds, fibre. make your favorite home made French onion soup (i use Maui Sweet onions/white large). fill the pumpkin as if its a baking dish, and bake soup filled pumpkin in your oven at all purpose(350) + 25-50 degreed for larger pumpkins. Last 5 mins add your sourdough or thick bread slices lightly toasted first cover with your preered cheese and broil until golden. Serve from the pumpkin tureen. You can choose to get a bit of pumpkin flesh or not in the soup. enjoy.

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