In this video recipe Barry tries to make a clear lemon meringue pie! So that’s a pie that you can actually see the base due to a yummy transparent filling! See how it goes…
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Full recipe / write up, if you try this you must read this.

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  1. This is amazing and I had to subscribe after watching. How shocked I was to see just shortly after watching this a photo on Yelp from a $$$$ restaurant in Chicago (Alina) of “invisible” pumpkin pie.

  2. I wanna make some cookies, but instead of powdered sugar ill use citric acid. itll be a nice lil prank for my friends and family

  3. You could bake the merange separately (just mark out a circle on some baking parchment that's the same size as the top of the pie, pipe or dollop your merange mixture onto it, bake, then transfer to the pie), that way you can make a deeper merange to go on top and enjoy that crunchy texture with velvety lemon mixture.

  4. Your positive attitude is so contagious! I can't wait to try this myself, thanx for the great video. I would subscribe to your channel but, there isn't a button. Once you take subscriptions, count me in.

  5. You should test as many foods as possible that could be made clear and then open a restaurant with only clear foods, it would be so famous!

  6. Love the recipe and so creative!! One thing tho, did you put the spoon in your mouth to taste the lemon flavor and stir it again???

  7. why wash your hands, after handling the dog, if you're gonna lick off the wooden spoon, then put it back in the filling??? gross, man. might as well swish a booger in there, while you're at it. other people are going to eat this pie???

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