Curry Slime (all 5 types)
Vending machine-dispensed capsule toys for ages 15 and up. It costs 300 yen every time.
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Homage to RRCK (Japanese comedian).

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0:13 Retort “Boyfriend” Beef Curry

1:04 Retort ”Boyfriend” Green Curry

1:44 Retort “Boyfriend” White Curry

2:28 Retort pouch 3 – Strawberry Curry

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  1. ガチャポンでこれ買った! ルーをお皿に入れて机の隅に放置してたら蒸発して具しか残ってなかったw

  2. ใครคนไทยดูอยู่บ้างอ่าาา

  3. Hi RRCherrypie,

    I have been subscribed to you for many years and as I grew older, I had less and less time to look at Youtube videos. Nonetheless , whenever I have the time, I come back to your videos because they are enjoyable. I have noticed lately that your videos appear to lack finesse, something I had really enjoyed before. Your previous videos appeared to be more carefully thought out and executed to the point of perfection. It wasn't only about sounds, but the way you did things. For example, in this video I expected that you might have used tweezers to carefully add in the vegetables in the curry slime. These were the little things that set your videos apart from all the other copycats out there.

    Also, you appear very rushed and a bit clumsy compared to before. I apologise for offending you in any way. I'm sure you are a busy person and you probably do not have the time to do your videos the way you used to. It's just been bothering me for a while now, because I prefer the way you did your old videos. Sorry for the long message, and sorry again if I have offended you. I will still look out for more videos from you in future.

    Best Regards.

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